Learn to Make Drip Coffee

Let’s Learn to Make Vietnamese Drip Coffee! 

Video produced with special thanks to Allyna Wong


  1. Prepare boiling water, coffee filter (phin), cup, coffee powder, condensed milk and table spoon
  2. Fill the cup with boiling water to warm it up as a lot of heat can be lost in the small filter
  3. Pour away water after a few seconds
  4. Put the coffee filter on the cup and remove the insert
  5. Add 3 table spoons of coffee powder into the filter
  6. Shake the filter gently to even out the coffee powder and replace the insert. This is to ensure that the water drips evenly.
  7. Add a little bit of water and wait 15 seconds to bring out the coffee aroma
  8. Fill boiling water to the top of the coffee filter insert
  9. Cover the coffee filter and watch it drip
  10. After about 4 minutes, check if all the water has dripped out of the filter
  11. Putting the filter on the cover will keep the table clean by catching any remaining droplets in the filter
  12. Add condensed milk, stir and enjoy!

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