A few words about

Our Food-Losophy

Ăn Viet is proud to stay committed to serving food that is #2good2waste to achieve our vision of minimising food wastage. After all, who wouldn’t want to finish vietlicious food?

Quality Ingredients
100% Guaranteed

Staying true to the key characteristic of traditional Vietnamese cooking, we use only the freshest ingredients, allowing their natural flavours to shine through. Key ingredients are also specially imported from Vietnam.


Our stocks, sauces, marinades, drinks etc. are made from scratch. A tastier, more natural and healthier alternative to pre-mixed, semi-processed foods filled with preservatives!

All our Mains are Cooked-to-Order

That might mean waiting for a little for your food, but freshly cooked food always tastes better!

Quality Ingredients 100% Guaranteed

Premium 100 - Pure Fish Sauce

Premium 100% Pure Fish Sauce
- First extract and undiluted
- Naturally brewed with no artificial flavour or preservative

Premium Beef

Sugarcane Prawn

Homemade using 100% Tiger Prawn


Pho-tastic Beef Soup simmered for 12 hours with 18 secret ingredients

Homemade 100% Pure and Natural Beef and Pork Balls. No chemicals added

Vietnamese Baguette baked ourselves daily